Friday, February 4, 2011

Why the Pope Should Get an Electric Bike

The Washington Post reports that the Pope Benedict wants a more eco friendly and energy efficient way to commute. He wants the Pope Mobile to go Green!

The Green Pope should be an example to us all based on his promotion of sustainability and conservation on resources! Why not follow in his footsteps and get an electric bike. These bikes cut carbon emissions, are a healthy way to ride and reduce our carbon footprint.

Major benefits of an electric bike are:

1. They are a Green, environmentally friendly and sustainable form of transportation. They reduce carbon emissions as well as traffic and congestion on the roads. As Trevor Reichman points out in Treehugger, “An electric bicycle is about 100 times more efficient than a car carrying one person.”
For anyone concerned about reducing their carbon footprint, an electric bike is the perfect way to do your part in helping out the environment.

2. They promote health and fitness. These bikes are not just for the lazy people that want to avoid exercise. Sure, they have the added motor assist benefit, but this can be turned off at any time and you can use the electric bike for your regular workout. Too many Australians are not getting enough exercise in their lives. This is a great way to build your health and fitness regime, while having the advantage of extra power  to face hills and get you to work quicker if you are commuting

3. You can use it to commute to work – without arriving sweaty. Simply use the power assist and you will arrive clean and fresh!

4. Avoid Traffic and Congestion -  They reduce congestion on the roads and traffic nightmares. Are you sick of being stuck in traffic? Electric bikes allow you  to maneuver through traffic, get to your destination faster and not have to worry about parking.

5. They are cheap to run, compared to the fuel, oil, registration and insurance costs of cars. In most places, you will spend from 3 to 5 CENTS for a full charge.
You get 50km or 30 miles on that. That's a HUGE saving compared the price of fuel these days.

6. Electric Bikes get people to enjoy the fun of riding again, especially baby boomers or those who may be out of shape or have injuries. Ride in the fresh air and have fun! These bikes are great for newbies or people who love to ride but are worried that they may not have the strength and fitness. An electric bike is the perfect option.

Reef Bikes was conceived out of a passion for cycling and sustainable transport use. Reef Bikes is dedicated to assisting people to rediscover the fun in riding a bike as well as the associated health, cost and environmental benefits that come with it.

If you haven't tried an electric power bike, we highly recommend it! You can get in touch with Reef Bikes who can organize a test ride for you.
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Kevin at Arizona Western College said...

Great summary of the benefits of an ebike! I will definitely pass this along next time I see the Pope. In the meantime, I will recommend it to my more mortal friends.

Unknown said...

Thanks Kevin! Hope you make it to Australia one day and get to explore it on an ebike!

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