Monday, February 7, 2011

More Celebrities Riding the Electric Bike Wave

It seems that celebrities are catching on to the latest electric bike boom. Leonardo DiCaprio was snapped riding around in New York City on his electric powered bike

Leo is a committed environmentalist crusader, having created a documentary on the 11th hour that focuses on the issue of global warming and other ecological concerns and his foundation urges people to take action to combat the disastrous effects of the current climate crisis.

Leonardo DiCaprio also drives a hybrid car, has solar panels on his house and has teamed up with Al Gore to help raise awareness around global warming issues.

Daryl Hannah is the latest Eco-friendly actor that has chosen the Green commuting option with an electric bike that has zero carbon emissions and is a healthy and green way to get around.

Daryl Hannah is another active environmentalist who takes full advantage of green technology, from composting, running her house entirely on solar panels to recycling and even running her car from vegetable oil from fast food restaurants.

Hannah also runs an Eco-friendly product company called “Love Life Goods” and has a weekly video blog on sustainable solutions.

Jay Leno is also another electric bike enthusiast, who has called electric bikes the “future of inner city commuting”. Check out his electric bike reviews at Jay Lenos Garage

Finally we have the Jonas Brothers embracing electric power bikes.

The musical brothers are not newcomers to environmental activism, having been part of a Disney Project called Friends for Change: Project Green which helps kids help the planet, focusing on climate, waste, water and habitats with a guide of simple action steps. The kids who are involved register online, track their impact and then vote on how Disney should divide its donations to environmental causes. What a great idea!

One of the brothers, Nick, was quoted as saying:
“Being eco-friendly is important to us,” said Nick Jonas. “We worked with our record label to come up with the first-ever CD-VU+ format, a 100-percent recyclable package.”

And now they are also taking the Eco-friendly commuting option with electric powered bikes.

Look, even if you couldn’t care less what the celebrities are doing, you should still get an electric bike. Consider some of the major benefits:

  • Cost savings (petrol, insurance, registration)
  • Reducing Carbon emissions
  • Lose weight
  • It’s fun!
  • Fast way to commute to work
  • No more traffic jams
  • No more parking tickets

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wiredgorilla said...

great article , love it

Unknown said...

Thanks Karim! You would look great on an ebike!! No need to look for parking on Darlinghurst road!

wiredgorilla said...

i got a bike all ready :)

Unknown said...

Segways are more popular on some countries and electric bikes comes only next, but I'm more of a pre owned Hyundai fan because cars are more exciting to drive. These celebrities really look cool while looking plain.

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