Monday, February 21, 2011

Electric Power Bikes Are for Everyone

The best thing about electric power bikes is that they are for everyone! From seasoned cyclists, baby boomers or those who have lost their license. Electric bikes are becoming more popular than ever, and with good reason:

  • They produce zero carbon emissions
  • They promote a healthy lifestyle
  • They are a fast way to get around
  • You don’t have to worry about parking
  • You can avoid traffic congestion

Who are electric bikes best for?

We have seen celebrities using them

Leonardo DiCaprio, Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins, the Jonas Brothers and Daryl Hannah are all electric bike riders!

They are great for baby boomers

Baby boomers who want to get back on a bike but are worried about their ability to ride a traditional bike. An e bike is perfect for them – with the power assist to give them the extra boost when dealing with steep hills.

People who want to commute

Sick of traffic congestion and long commutes that leave you frustrated even before you get to your destination? This is where ebikes are the best. Cruise right past that traffic and get to work without the sweat.

People with injuries

If you have had any injuries or joint problems, electric power bikes are perfect. They are designed so that you can still enjoy the benefits of cycling without as much strain and pressure on your joints

People who have lost their license

Uh-oh – lost your license? It’s those long weekend double merits points right? Don’t worry; an electric bike is your solution. Much faster than a regular bike, cheaper than taxi rides and more reliable than public transport.

Seasoned cyclists    

Even seasoned cyclists who may scoff at electric bikes can get major benefits from them. If you have a long commute ahead, an electric bike can cut your travel time in half, and you arrive to work fresh and sweat free. Think about it, an extra hour to sleep in the morning!

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