Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Looking for Electric Bicycle Suppliers in Australia

Reef Electric Bikes are looking for domestic retail outlets to supply our range of electric bikes at wholesale prices.

We are looking for E-Bike Friendly local bike shops offering or specializing in electric bicycle sales, service, conversion and repair.

We supply to good bicycle shops around Australia that are selling, converting and servicing e-bikes in their neighborhood. If you are interested in becoming an electric bike supplier please contact Electric Bikes Australia and we will assist you immediately.

There are a growing number of online electric bike manufacturers, but it is far cheaper to get a local company to supply you with quality, tested electric bikes. Most of the E Bike ordering websites are for the USA or UK. And it's impossible to order an electric bike online from overseas due to the large heavy sizes of the cartons in gets shipped in. The delivery cost from overseas would actually cost more than the actual bicycle.

The Australian government is now promoting the use of regular and electrically powered bicycles for citizens. For this reason, many cities are now introducing bicycle friendly streets. Cycle lanes have become a common sight, not just in the state capitals, but also in smaller towns and other urban regions.

Our bikes include:

Electric Blue Folding Electric Bike

Electric Blue, Good Looking & Versatile

Do you live in a small apartment where space is an issue? Do you want to take your bike to work, university or on your holiday trips

Take this classy and elegant electric folding bike anywhere, its compact lightweight design makes it ideal for daily commuting.

The Electric Blue can also be folded away to fit anywhere. Store in your closet, or any tight spaces. Take it to work, university or on your trips.

Seahorse Ladies Road Electric Bike

Classic, Feminine & Stylish

Seahorse, Get there easily and arrive feeling fresh in comfort and in style. The Seahorse features a classic feminine European design.
This electric bicycle is equally suited to daily commuting or a relaxing ride on weekends. It also has loads of space for your shopping.

Bull Shark Mountain Electric Bike

Raw Power & Good Looks

Perfect for the adventurous and outdoors type, the Bull Shark offers the perfect blend of raw power and good looks.  

Using the latest technology in electric bike components, including TopGun suspension and stylish design, The Bull Shark mountain electric bike, is equally suited on and off the road. This E Bike is also foldable, making it perfect for storage and easy to take on your trips.

Stingray Road Electric Bicycle

Imagine the Possibilities

Haven't ridden a bike in years, but want to get back into it for health & fitness reasons?
With the Stingray, you WANT to ride it all the time. It really makes cycling a breeze.

Conversion Kits

Also, we are looking to supply conversion kits to local retailers at wholesale prices.

We have 2 types available:

1. E Bike Conversion Kit 20 Inch 200W Motor Lithium Battery
2. E Bike Conversion Kit 26 Inch 200W Motor Lithium Battery

What's Also Included With Your Bike...?

Our Electric Bikes come with FREE Bonus Bike Accessories Kit for a Limited-Time Only.
The Bike Accessories Kit includes:

Your choice of 1 bicycle bag (backpack, front handle bar bag, single rear rack bag or double top rear rack bag) PLUS a bike cable lock, mini pump, tool kit AND a tyre repair kit. Absolutely free...That's everything to get you on the road!


Our Electric Bikes are covered with a Comprehensive Warranty on all parts including a 3-year warranty on the frame and 1-year on the battery, motor and the electrics. We are confident that your electric bicycle will have no problems during the warranty period.

However, should you happen to have any problems whatsoever, we are serious about helping you through them. We provide dedicated after sales service at our REEF Service Centers.

Simply take your electric bike to a Service Center closest to you, and have your E Bike repaired under warranty. Click to read our Warranty Policy.

The models offered by Reef Bikes are extremely reliable and efficient. We can offer test rides and all of our bikes come with a We provide warranty for one years – something that not many other electric bike companies offer.

If you are a local bike shop or “e-bike friendly” cycling retailer selling e-bikes or specializing in e-bike conversion or the repair of electric bicycles please contact us at or call 02 9540 1939 to submit your information.

E-Bike Buyers and Owners: If you are looking for a local bike shop willing to convert your existing bike into an electric bike or you are interested in test-riding and/or purchasing an electric bike locally please contact us at or by calling 02 9540 1939

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