Thursday, February 24, 2011

Reef Electric Bikes Latest News

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We were featured on:

The City of Sydney is one of the most pro-active councils in respect to cycling, with a comprehensive bike plan. The Cycle Strategy and Action Plan presents a committment to building a safe, convenient and sustainable 200-kilometre bike network (which will include 55 kilometers of separated cycle ways) by 2016.

A new article about Electric Bikes for Baby Boomers
 The electric pedal assist makes it easy and convenient for baby boomers who may struggle with long distances and hills. With the pedal assist and throttle power you are free to decide how much you want to exert yourself.

The Lifestyle Channel did a great feature on New Electric Bikes Bring Cycling Back to the Masses:
ReefBikes are hoping to introduce the pleasure of cycling back into the wider community through electric bikes. Electric bikes have a motor assist so they are perfect for those daunting uphills or as a way to relax if you're feeling a little fatigued...

We had a great review of the Reef Electric Folding Bicycle on

The Reef Electric Folding Bicycle is great for people who live in tight quarters and for people who live in the city and wish to avoid paying high prices for parking, according to the manufacturer. Also, the bike provides an eco-friendly means of transportation and helps owners avoid paying high fuel prices. And as of 2011, Reef offers a three-year warranty on the frame and a one-year warranty on the battery, motor and electronic components.

Lifestyle You Magazine published a review in the Health Section of their site on hoe to Cruise the Streets and Get Fit With an Electric Bike

Electric bikes are a fabulous response to the need to reduce congestion, save money and give people at all levels of fitness, age and ability the opportunity to get back into the enjoyment of cycling. They are designed to be accessible to everyone – young and old.

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