Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is Your Car Making You Fat? Get an E Bike!

A recent study published by David Bassett of the University of Tennessee and John Pucher of Rutgers University found a strong link between active modes of transportation (such as walking and bike riding) and obesity rates in 17 industrialized nations sampled in the study.

We have all heard about the obesity epidemic, and now it seems that there is a solution – ditch the car in favor of walking or bike riding.

The countries with the highest levels of active transportation also had the lowest rates of obesity. There is an inverse relationship between active transportation and obesity – meaning that the more we passively use cars, the fatter we get.

In the United States alone, there is a 25-33% obesity rate, with only 12 per cent of the population utilizing active transportation like bicycling and walking.

Compare that to the other countries that were sampled in the study:
·         Latvia: 67 percent of the population uses active transportation and 14 percent are obese.
·         Sweden: 62 percent use active transportation and 9 percent are obese.
·         Netherlands: 52 percent use active transportation and 11 percent are obese.

Other Western countries that shy away from active transportation have similar problems with obesity rates:
·         Canada: 19 percent use active transportation and 23 percent are obese.
·         Australia: 14 percent use active transportation and 21 percent are obese.

The study basically concluded that Europeans walk three times as much as Americans and bike ride up to four times as much as their American counterparts. The difference equates to burning up to 10 pounds more than Americans.

So the next question is – what is the solution? What is a great option to encourage more people to utilize active transportation to improve their health and perhaps even benefit the environment?
Countries like Australia, Canada and the U.S have a heavy reliance on motor vehicles for transportation. Given the obesity epidemic and global warming crisis it is time to embrace some healthier options like walking or riding a bicycle.

One possible solution is to get an electric bike as an alternative way to travel, as well as giving you the foundation of a healthy fitness regime. The several power settings eliminate concerns about overexertion due to steep or long rides, and have great benefits for cardio endurance, balance and stability.

You can take control of your fitness and get back into a healthy lifestyle with an electric bike. Use it to get to work, run errands or simply enjoy scenic trips in your free time. The power assisted motor gives you the freedom to choose your pace and level of exertion.


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