Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bike Commuting Puts Cars to Shame

Sydney roads are so clogged and congested, despite the months of construction and expenditure on the roads, none of this has led to a decrease in travel time.

Sydney roads are so jammed up during peak hour that it is faster to commute by bike that car. To put this theory to the test a Cyclist Paul McDonald raced journalist Tim Vollmer in his car from Ryde to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, all during the worst of the morning peak hour traffic.

The results?

The Cyclist took less than 32 minutes to reach the Sydney Harbour Bridge destination while the journalist in the motor vehicle took almost 80 minutes! That is a difference of almost ONE HOUR!

Much of the difference can be explained by the additional bike lanes that have been created in Sydney – part of an ongoing Sydney Cycle Strategy.

What this shows is that commuting by bike is the way of the future.

Imagine how much faster this journey would have been on an electric bike?

An electric bike allows the average cyclist to ride faster than a much more experienced cyclist on a regular bike, with much less effort and in hilly areas the additional power of an electric bike results in faster travel with less exertion.

Electric bike cyclists report that a sample trip from Lilyfield to Circular Quay takes 22 minutes, and costs about 10cents to 12cents a week in electricity to charge the batteries on his bike!

An electric bike is the cheapest and most efficient form of transport. It is accessible to those who are less fit, while positively affecting the environment, reducing carbon emissions and taking the hassle out of traffic and parking.

Do you have your own bike commuting story to share with us?

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