Friday, February 18, 2011

The 5 Biggest Stories on Electric Bikes this Week

1. Arts Organizations in Australia Support Cycling

Who would have thought that the Arts would be leading the charge on environmental issues?

Arts House in Melbourne is offering free “Green Tix” if you can prove you used a carbon-neutral mode of travel to get to the performance (tram or train ticket, a bike helmet, even an increased heart rate or sweat from walking or jogging!).

2. Miss Universe Loves an Electric Bike!

Jennifer Hawkins riding electric bike in Venice beach with Aussie chef Curtis Stone. The couple rented their electric bikes and cruised around the beach in Sunny California.

3. Electric Bike Industry is Powered up to be worth $11 Billion!

Major growth in the global market has taken off in the last decade. Leading the way is China, of course, with sales up to 120 million.

Europe is also catching on to the trend, with impressive sales in the Netherlands last year – nearly a third of bicycles sold were electric bikes

In the US and Australia, sales are a little slower, but there is definite growth. What is needed is more consumer awareness and advertising. Many people still do not know that ebikes exist. Let’s help spread the word!

4. How’s this for holiday fun? Rent an ebike!

You can rent an electric bike to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco from a company called Plugz, for only $25!
What a great way to get to explore the city, with a powered bike so you don’t get tired of all those hills. Enjoy the ride, fresh air and views at your own pace!

5. University of New England Makes Ebikes available to students

Professor Jennie Shaw, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of University of New England is taking major initiatives in promoting sustainable transport on campus. She has set up a competition where students can win prices for designing posters to promote sustainable transport options on the University campus. 

The University also acquired electric bikes that will be available to students for the first time. This initiative is in line with the university’s commitment as a signatory to the international Talloires Declaration. The Declarations shows support for sustainability as a prime focus of teaching, research, operations, and outreach at universities around the world. The UNE also offers a new Bachelor of Sustainability degree program.

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