Sunday, January 23, 2011

Test Ride An Electric Bicycle [BOOK NOW] Test Ride E Bike

Do you want to test ride an electric bike? Test ride a REEF Electric Bicycle today.

Why Electric?

If you think a regular bike is too challenging, an electric bicycle is a great way to get your cardio exercise and stay fit.

Electric bikes are of particular benefit to anyone with injuries or conditions that make traditional forms of cardio difficult, while at the same time it builds strength balance and gives you a great outdoor workout.
The best thing about e bikes is that people of all ages and athletic ability can enjoy the benefits of bike riding. There is an option to pedal or to ride with the motor power only.You can adjust this depending on your level of fitness or energy on a particular day.

Electric bikes are also eco friendly and suit those who are concerned with the environment and energy preservation.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Refer a Friend & WIN $100

Think your friends might be interested in electric bikes?

Maybe you know someone who could do with a little help up those hills? Or perhaps someone who wants to keep fit & healthy in their older age?

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Electric Bicycle vs Regular Bike vs Car vs Bus

Seahorse Electric Bicycle by REEF®
I came across a story from Shrewsbury in the UK, where a race was held in morning peak hour traffic between an electric bike, a regular bike, a bus and a car, to determine who would finish the quickest.

The test race was a 4-km trip to find out the fastest method of commuting to work.

Guess who won? Yep, the electric bike.

The electric bicycle beat the car in a time of 11 minutes. It finished 12 minutes ahead of the car and averaged 20.1 km per hour.
I wasn't too surprised even though you would classify me as a convert to e bikes. Here's why:

The electric bike is a really efficient form of transport, because unlike a car or bus, you won't get stuck in traffic. And, as opposed to the regular push bike, you get that added help over hills.

Also, the greater acceleration which you get over a regular bicycle means greater safety. And safety is a big issue for our customers.