Saturday, February 5, 2011

Electric Power Bikes Gaining Popularity

The concept of electric power bikes are gaining massive popularity, especially in light of rising fuel prices, the obesity epidemic and the need to reduce carbon emissions.

Electric Power bikes are still in their infancy in Australia but sales in Europe and Asia have taken off in the last few years, with 1 in 8  bikes sold in Holland being electric power bikes. 

Electric Bikes Sales have saved the bicycle sector in the Netherlands, and E Bikes were voted as one of the Top 10 Things we should be seeing more over in the next decade in Blast Magazine.

Not to mention that now even Eco friendly celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio are riding them!

The growing popularity of the electric power bicycle are its obvious advantages over other forms of transport - it saves you money on fuel and oil, gets rid of parking hassles, solves traffic nightmares as well as benefiting your health and the environment.

Electric power bikes are also an option for the elderly or those who have been injured and may need additional assistance. The power assist is perfect in giving people an additional boost and making it accessible to anyone, young and old alike.

More news of Electric Power Bikes Gaining Popularity:
  • Electric Bikes Gaining Popularity in the US

One of the more popular ways to make a conversion to electric is through an ebike conversion kit. There has been a mix of new e-bikes and converted ones gaining popularity in the US.

  • Top Green Business Trend for 2011
The blog has features electric bikes as one of the top 11 Green trends for 2011. Pushed along by rising oil prices in 2011, there will be a boost in the active transport industry

  • Electric Bike Sales Surpass Motorbikes for the first time in Japan
There has been an increase of 4.6 per cent of electric assisted bikes purchased in Japan, making it the groundbreaking first time that electric bikes sales were greater than motorcycles. This is mainly due to:
  • the ability tot ride them without a license,
  • expanded product range,
  • improved performance of storage batteries
  • changing of regulation allowing 2 small children to be carried on a 3 seated e-bike
The increase in electric bike shipments between 1996 and 2010 was a staggering 7.8%. Sales went from 1.3% of all bikes to 9.1% last year.


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