Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Electric Power Bike News

1. Electric Bikes Sales Save the Bicycle Sector in the Netherlands

In Amsterdam, an economic decline has led to a 7% drop in regular bicycles. However, the total sector was saved by e-Bikes – the only category that showed an increase in sales over the year. Sales for the e-Bike rose by 10%, accounting for a total of 14% market share of total number of bikes sold in 2010.

2. Electric Bikes Voted as one of the Top 10 Things we should see more of by 2020

Blast magazine has compiled a list of the top 10 things we should see more of in this coming decade and E-Bikes were featured on the list! The list takes into account market trends, consumer preferences and research and development initiatives.
The authors note that the electric bicycles are likely to be much more widespread and common in usage by the end of the decade.
They also state their personal preference for an electric bike due to its environmentally friendly qualities.

3. Electric Bikes Helping Cut Crime
There has been a lot of positive feedback on the use of e bikes for policingin the city of London. A Cycle Squad Sergeant said that the bikes allowed police to cover greater ground in a shorter amount of time, allowing for access to areas otherwise inaccessible by car, and the added power of the electric assist get the officers to move quicker.

5. After a Shaky Start, it’s Time to Take E-Bikes Seriously

Publisher of Electric Bike Magazine says that after having a shaky start over a decade ago, a lot has changed in the world of electric bikes.

Most notably:
  • Almost all e bikes use lithium-ion battery packs, storing up to 5 times more energy as the older versions
  • Massive reduction in battery weight from 15 kilograms to 2-3 kilograms
  • Significant research and development driven by strong European market
  • More efficient motors, increased reliability in performance and control systems
  • The entrance of high profile companies into the market like Bosch, Panasonic and Shimano

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