Thursday, May 31, 2012

Electric Bikes to Increase from 200Watts to 250Watts in Australia

On Wednesday the 30th of May, the Parliamentary Secretary of Infrastructure and Transport, The Hon Catherine King MP, announced that the federal government will be adopting an addition to the electric bicycle design rules (please find announcement below).

The definition of a power-assisted pedal cycle was a pedal cycle to which is attached one or more auxiliary propulsion motors having a combined maximum power output not exceeding 200 watts.

The current ADR definition of AB category has now been expanded to allow compliance with the full EN 15194 standard as an option. 

The wording in the ADR definition has been changed to “a pedal cycle to which is attached one or more auxiliary propulsion motors having a combined maximum power not exceeding 200 watts or a Pedalec”.  

Pedalec has been separately defined as “a vehicle meeting European Committee for Standardization EN 15194:2009  Cycles - Electrically power assisted cycles - EPAC Bicycles”.

Main changes of the PEDALEC to the current definition are;
  • Max 250watt
  • Pedal assist – must be pedalling to gain power assistance
  • Top speed 25kmh (assisted)
  • 6kmh twist and go (to assist in getting off the line)


·   Electric bicycles which meet the former design rules can still be imported, sold and used on Australian roads without requiring the bike to be registered.

·   Electric bicycles which meet the European standard (EN 15194) can now be imported into Australia (and will be able to be used without requiring registration).


·   Each Australian state or territory must now pass changes to their road laws to allow PEDALEC’s to be legally used on public roads as a bicycle.

·   Feedback gained from states is that this process is expected to take between 6 and 12 months (some may be quicker but were unwilling to confirm that).

The BIA is currently formally contacting all states and territories to try to gain more definitive timetables.

Electric Bikes for Business: Save Money & Go Green

Using electric bikes bikes for businesses can mean making deliveries, meeting clients or commuting to work by bicycle or electric bike. Let’s see why this might be a good idea for your business:

You’ll cut down on business transportation expenses. Whether your company uses cars to deliver/pick up goods or meet with clients, an e-bike will help you keep more of your cash in your pocket. Electric bikes can dodge parking tickets and fines, park closer to your clients and run up to 35 km/hr to make sure you get where you’re going on time.

If your work requires mostly being in one location, consider starting a bike commuting program for employees to bike to and from work. People who ride bikes to work instead of driving or taking transport are more productive, healthier and happier. Employees will notice that you are looking out for their wellbeing in both transportation and health, and will appreciate your attention to their needs.

Having employees ride bicycles or e-bikes while on the job or offering a bike commuting program through your work promotes an image of a green, conscientious business. Current and potential customers will view your company as proactive, with a mind for sustainability. Young professionals and customers are more likely to work with or for a “green” company than one that doesn’t offer any eco benefits.

Biking for your business or commuting to and from work on an electric bike instead of using a car substantially reduces the harmful effects on the environment. In rush hours, more cars means more congestion and the longer it takes to get where you’re going, the more harmful emissions you’re putting into the air. When more people ride bikes, not only are they not contributing to the pollution, but they are also reducing congestion by not being on the road, allowing the people in cars to move faster and produce less pollution.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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With higher fuel prices, carbon taxes, appalling traffic and skyrocketing obesity, it is time to take a look at how we get around. E-bikes are a great way to get around and get fit at your own pace.

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