Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Leonardo DCaprio Loves Electric Bikes

Celebrities like Leo DiCpario have taken to the new electric power bike option of getting around town. Leo was spotted riding the streets of New York on this his new ebike, adding to the growing popularity of electric bikes.

An electric power bike is essentially a regular bike that has been fitted out with an electric motor, a battery, making it easier to ride by using less effort than a regular bike. It is also a much faster way to get around town.

The past year has seen some great developments in the style and quality of electric power bikes. They are now becoming far more popular as the result of technological improvements as well an increased community concerns about the environment, obesity and traffic congestion.

When comparing electric bikes to other alternative forms of transportation, the benefits are obvious:
  • Cost savings
  • Avoid public transport hassles
  • Save time in travel
  • No more parking headaches
  • Improved health and fitness – you still can pedal
  • Reduce your carbon footprint with zero emissions
  • They are capable of 20mph and up to 40 mph with pedal assist

Celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio realize the benefits of these simple, eco friendly bikes. They provide a fast way to get around, save you money, improve your health, reduce carbon emissions, are simple to maintain, make an efficient commute and are fun!

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