Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Best Battery For Electric Bikes

The battery is the most important part of your electric bike, so it is important to only get the best battery for your electric bicycle.

Firstly we will start with what to avoid,

  • Dont go for a Lead Acid Battery on your bike, they are way too heavy, which slows down your bike. Lead Acid Batteries for ebikes are old news now. But many people on a small budget will only use them.
  • Avoid lithium batteries that are not made by a top brand. Most lithium batteries are made in China. Chinese lithium batteries can be hit or miss, they have a high rate of failure, and usually your warranty is not honored. So if the bike is not advertised with a Panasonic or Samsung battery you are taking a huge risk. Which could cost you hundreds in replacement in a few months.
  • Dont get sucked into buying a big heavy 15AH - 20AH Chinese lithium battery. A good Panasonic Brand 9AH battery, will out perform a Chinese 15AH - 20AH battery. And the Panasonic will be lighter, and look so much better on your bike. Have you seen the size of the Chinese 20AH? They will slow your bike down, and because of that, you will also go less in distance. And again, you will have a higher rate of failure, causing you to buy a new battery faster.

Now, which battery is best for electric bikes!

  • Panasonic is well known in the industry, to produce the best, most reliable, long distance, most efficient, and long life lithium battery pack for ebikes
  • Samsung also makes a high quality lithium battery for your bike too
  • A Panasonic or Samsung 10AH will out last and out perform any Chinese non branded lithium battery.
  • You will get more distance
  • You will get more life time in years
  • You will get a better warranty, that is actually honored.
  • For the extra cost, you will get reliability
Remember, the battery on your electric bike is the most expensive part. So its well worth paying more for the best brand. If you buy a cheap e-bike from a flash in the pan brand, beware that there is a good chance they will not be around next month, and your warranty will be gone.

So hope this has helped you, with Reef Bikes years of experience in the industry, we know our lithium batteries!

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