Thursday, October 3, 2013

Adelaide Electric Bicycles - Reef E-Bikes Australia

Reef electric bicycles Adelaide have a huge range of the best e-bikes in Australia. Free Delivery directly to your door. Choose from mountain bikes, road bicycles, folding electric bikes, ladies style, and commuting models. Reef bikes use the highest quality components, for the lightest weight, longest distance, fastest max speeds and the most reliable motorised bicycles in Adelaide.

Browse our range of bikes, see which model is best for you, Reef has something to suit every Australian. Made with Panasonic lithium batteries, giving our customers the most reliable, long lasting, long distance technology in the industry. Reef bikes are built with the best Shimano gears and sets, giving your bike awesome efficient pedaling performance.

Our bikes are so light, that you can take them anywhere, lift them into the car, or upstairs easily. You dont have to look like a fool on old fashion heavy brick electric bikes anymore. Be the envy of your fellow riders, while you pedal past them with ease. Ride up steep hills, longer distances faster.

You can order your Reef e bike in Adelaide, so browse our online store, see all the bikes, with photos, videos, and all the information with you. Dont forget we offer Free Delivery directly to your door. And yes, this bicycle in the photo is electric, using Reef`s latest invisiTRON technology. It has to be seen to be believed!

Reef Bikes Adelaide

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