Monday, June 17, 2013

Best Electric Bike - REEF Electric Bicycles Australia

If you want the best electric bike, REEF electric bicycles Australia has produced the latest innovative World Leading Technology.

The REEF Bikes Predator, invisiTRON R1, X1, M1 and C1 are years ahead of the best electric bike technology world wide. Using high end components that will blow you away.

What does the best mean to you?
  1. Fast High Torque Powered Motor
  2. Panasonic Lithium Batteries
  3. Light Weight
  4. Long Distance
  5. Long Life
  6. High End Shimano Gears
  7. High End Components
  8. Reliability & Service
REEF Bikes is a high end quality electric bicycle Australian company. With years of experience, REEF is a brand you can rely on, we have been here since the beginning of e bikes in Australia.

The Reef Predator is the fastest electric bike that has to be seen to be believed. Check out more photos, with the monster downhill front fork suspension, Samsung lithium batteries, fat dirt bike tyres, and up
to 1000W in power.

The Reef invisiTRON R1 is the only full road racing lightest electric bike in the world. How does 11Kgs sound? Unbeatable, you can lift it with one hand.

The Reef invisiTRON X1 is the lightest weight full suspension e-bike. With front fork shocks and rear frame shocks, and all at a light weight and long distance too.

The Reef invisiTRON M1 is one of the longest distance motorised bicycles out there. 100KM, now thats a long way, most riders couldnt ride that far in days.

The Reef invisiTRON C1 is a vintage European ladies electric bicycle. City commuter road bike, cruise in style and comfort, long life, long distance, Panasonic reliability.

For more details on the best, check out more photos and information.

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