Sunday, July 15, 2012

Electric Bikes for Deliveries - E Bicycles for Delivery Businesses

Electric bikes: A perfect solution for a delivery business.
Electric bikes are a great alternative to cars in delivery businesses. They are more cost-efficient, eco-friendly and healthier for your employees.

Waterproof panniers attach to the sides of your bike to carry small loads to clients and customers. If your business requires delivering large or heavy items, you can attach a bike trailer to the back of your e-bike.

Cars need insurance, petrol and maintenance. These all cost money and can drag down your take-away income.  Bicycles and e-bikes have a much lower initial cost, require no gasoline or insurance and have much lower maintenance requirements and fees.

Electric bikes only require a nightly charge and occasional battery replacements. Averaged into a daily cost not including the initial bike price, it costs less than A$1 per day to own and operate an electric bike.

Avoid parking fines and wasting time on finding parking by using an electric bike. You can park close to the door of any building and lock your bike with a standard U-lock to any solid object (bike racks, trees, railings, poles, etc.) as long as there aren’t any signs against doing so. In congested areas and on short trips, electric bikes are faster and more efficient than cars. Bikes can move around traffic and through side streets and pathways that cars can’t access.

By delivering goods by electric bike, your customers will view you as a conscientious, green company and your employees will be healthier and more productive. Creating exercise-as-work opportunities for your employees gives them a better quality of life. Better health means fewer health problems, which also cuts down on healthcare costs. Riding an e-bike instead of driving a car can reduce stress too, especially stress caused by road rage. When you can move around traffic, there’s nothing to be angry about! Less stress equals happier employees and a happier company.

PLEASE NOTE: Our top-of the line electric bicycles come with a Zero Interest payment plan option, which gives your business a tax and cashflow efficient way to spread the cost of acquiring your new e-bike fleet.

See how you can pay off your ebike in installments.

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andieclark said...

This is a good alternative to prestige car transportation service because it's more economical. It can deliver small items without having so much effort.

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harry said...

are these bikes suitable for younger kids? is there an age restriciton on riding them? I have to say they look like a lot of fun...

wheelies said...

It seems that more and more of these electric bikes are being made available to business around the world. Thanks for the post.

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