Tuesday, April 12, 2011

20 Reasons an Electric Bike is Better Than a Car

Are you sick of sitting in traffic for hours, waiting endlessly for a free parking space and building up road rage while spending countless wasted hours in your car? 

Perhaps there is a solution. 

The growing popularity of an electric bike is due to the many advantages that it has over cars and traditional bicycles.

Here are the top 20 Reasons an Electric Bike is better than a Car:

1. Savings in petrol, insurance and registration
2. You do not need a license
3. It is a great way to get exercise
4. You can avoid traffic nightmares
5. No more parking hassles and tickets
6. It is an Eco-friendly way to commute
7. It makes your commute faster
8. You can easily run errands and there is room for storage
9. There are zero carbon emissions
10. It is fun and enjoyable
11. The electric motor makes it easy and fast to ride
12. It can be ridden in many places where other motorized vehicles cannot 13. It is accessible to people of all ages
14. You do not need to be in great shape to ride one
15. It is almost completely silent and releases no toxic emissions
16. They are light and can be easily stored
17. Does not require expensive tune ups and service
18. Negligible operating costs
19. It does not use foreign oil
20. It does not require much room to store or park 

 Still not convinced? The popular Grist.org has just reported that:

Sitting in traffic triggers more heart attacks than eating, alcohol, cocaine, and sex

Simply sitting in traffic is the single biggest heart attack trigger, says Reuters:

"Of the triggers for heart attack studied, cocaine is the most likely to trigger an event in an individual, but traffic has the greatest population effect as more people are exposed to (it)," the researchers wrote.

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