Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Top Electric Bike News Stories This Week

Here are some of the top news stories about electric bikes in general and what is going on at Reef Bikes.

1. Reef Bikes has launched the New Tricycle!

Escape Electric Tricycle 3 Wheeler

Stability, balance and power!
If you are looking for stability with power, this 3 wheel electric tricycle is for you.

The REEF Escape, gives you the freedom to ride with a little extra push.

It's perfect for anyone who wants:

  • To Ride easy and enjoy the outdoors.  
  • To Make errands enjoyable again with this smooth ride and
  • Who Needs a high-capacity rear basket with massive storage capacity.
  • Who wants to Enjoy the pleasure of bike riding with your spouse, kids or grand kids
  • That needs to get over even the steepest hills without breaking a sweat
  • Who wants to Still get exercise and enjoy the outdoors

Get the FUN back in your life!

Life will become fun again with the added benefit of pedal power when you need it.

Find out more about the new Electric Tricycle at Reef Bikes!

This is the ultimate gift for your parents or grandparents who want to get back the fun of cycling while having the extra strength and support of a Tricycle.

2. Sydney City cyclists embrace E-bikes

In China you will find 4 times more electric bikes than cars. In Holland every fourth bike sold is an electric powered one. Now Sydneysiders are jumping in on the trend of electric bikes that are taking off all over the world.
There are numerous bike shops around the city selling ebikes. Many of them will give you the opportunity to borrow or rent their machines to convince cyclists who are unsure about the benefits of electric powered bikes.

3. Electric Bikes Make the List of the Top Wholesale Product Predictions for 2011

According to the Top 10 wholesale List the decision to source the best products that will be in demand is more important than ever before.
Included in the list are smart phones, personal wellness and you guessed it… Electric bikes!

With an increasing number of countries around the world turning to e-bikes as an urban transport solution, electric power bikes are in demand. In China alone, there is one car for every electric bike on the road, and countries like the Netherlands and Italy are gaining more interest in electric power bikes.

And don't forget to check out our customer testimonials to help with your decision about buying an electric bike.
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