Friday, March 11, 2011

Brand New Electric Tricycle Now Available at Reef Bikes!

Reef Bikes is proud to introduce their first ever Tricycle to the Reef Range of Quality and Stylish Bikes.

Escape Electric Tricycle 3 Wheeler

Stability, balance and power!

If you are looking for stability with power, this 3 wheel electric tricycle is for you.

The REEF Escape, gives you the freedom to ride with a little extra push.

It's perfect for adults who want to ride easy and enjoy the outdoors. Make errands enjoyable again with this smooth ride and high-capacity rear basket with massive storage capacity.

Get the FUN back in your life!

Life will become fun again with the added benefit of pedal power when you need it.
Enjoy the pleasure of bike riding with your spouse, kids or grand kids with the power to get you over even the steepest hills without breaking a sweat.
Or, as you are cruising around town, you can still get your exercise and enjoy the outdoors!

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Who is an electric Tricycle suitable for?
Most people can get major benefits from an electric tricycle, but they are particularly suitable for:
  • People with injuries and lower fitness levels
    These electric power tricycles stable and powerful. They give people with injuries or low fitness levels the ability to enjoy the benefits of a bike without having to rely on their cars.
  • People who want to be Eco-friendly
    Electric tricycles create zero carbon emissions and reduce the consumption of fuel. They are a totally green form of alternative transport and reduce carbon emissions, pollution and congestion on the roads. Compare this to a car that emits one pound of CO2 for every mile!
  • People who have lost their license. If you are unfortunate enough to have lost you license, there is a solution that is far better than stuffy public transport or expensive cab rides. An electric tricycle gets you to your destination quickly and without the stress of traffic
  • no pollution. They emit no fumes. They allow you to commute to work, go to the store, and so forth without having to drive or pay for a bus or cab.
  • Anyone who wants to be more active
    If you have wanted to get more active and increase your fitness levels, electric bikes are perfect, you can use the regular pedal power or get an extra boost from the motor to get up those steep hills or when you are feeling more tired.
  • People Who are worried about cost savings
    Electric bikes are extremely affordable. You save on petrol, insurance, registration as well as parking costs and tickets

Many individuals who can't ride a bicycle, can handle a tricycle. For this reason, they are a popular option for some people. They are an easy and highly efficient way to commute or run errands, with a huge amount of storage space and not having to worry about traffic congestion and parking.

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